Toilet Partition Dimensions – What’s the Standard?

Toilet partition dimensions are an important specification to consider when constructing any commercial restroom. While there are an array of options of toilet partitions to choose from, one of the most commonly asked questions is, are there a standard set of specifications for toilet partitions for commercial restrooms?   

Standard Toilet Partition Dimensions for Commercial Restrooms
The dimensions of toilet partitions are directly influenced by the style you select and the unique characteristics and design of your space; however, there is a typical specification. Standard toilet partitions are 36” wide by 60” deep. While the depth of a toilet partition can range from 48”-78”, 60” is most common.

ADA Toilet Partition Requirements
When considering standard toilet partition dimensions, it is also essential to consider ADA restroom requirements. Older facilities may be exempt from complying with ADA standards, but they must be updated to be ADA-compliant if they undergo renovations. All newly constructed facilities must meet the minimum requirements established in the 2010 Standards.

To be ADA-compliant, toilet partitions require a wheelchair turn radius of at least 60 inches around the sidewall and 56 inches from the rear wall. Additionally, doors must swing outward with no more than four inches from the diagonal corner of the stall to the toilet.

Selecting Toilet Partitions for Your Commercial Restroom Project
When it comes to selecting the dimesons of your toilet partitions, it is best to seek the advice of a professional. With countless combinations of components, configurations, materials, and styles, a Division 10 specialties contractor can help ensure your commercial restroom project is a success. 

As both a distributor and installer of toilet partitions, Holman, Inc. is a unique Division 10 specialties contractor. Our team carries the expertise to help clients select which toilet partition is best suited for their facilities. Contact Holman, Inc. to learn how we assist you with your next commercial restroom project.

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