Euro Style Toilet Partitions – An Upcoming Trend

Euro style toilet partitions offer more privacy than standard American style toilet partitions.

When it comes to toilet partitions for commercial bathrooms, there are dozens of selections to be made, from components and configurations to materials and styles. While elements of toilet partitions have changed and evolved over time, there has recently been a shift throughout the United States in the preferred style of the partitions from American style to Euro style toilet partitions.

Euro Style vs. American Style Toilet Partitions

There are two main styles of toilet partitions: Euro style and American style. The most significant and most noticeable difference between the two styles is the level of privacy they provide. While American style toilet partitions do provide privacy, they have larger gaps at their tops and bottoms. These partitions also have sightlines between the door and partition frame, which means you can see into or out of the stall. On the other hand, European style partitions increase privacy by eliminating sightlines and reducing (and sometimes removing) the gaps at the top and bottom of the partition.

Where are Euro Style Toilet Partitions Popular?

As the name suggests, Euro style toilet partitions have traditionally been primarily found in European countries; however, this style has recently become more prevalent in America. Thanks partly to the COVID-19 pandemic, American consumers have begun to demand more privacy and less contact in commercial bathrooms.

Bradley’s Euro Style Toilet Partitions

To meet the rising demand for Euro style toilet partitions, one of the industry’s leading toilet partition suppliers, Bradley, has designed a new product with additional privacy. Their new Euro inspired collection includes three different models with enhanced privacy features, including no sightlines and an occupancy indicator. This new collection also boasts a sleek, modern design, a wide variety of color and material finishes, and corresponding bathroom accessory options.

Are you interested in installing Euro style toilet partitions in your next commercial bathroom project? At Holman Inc., we work with a variety of high-quality suppliers, including Bradley, to provide our customers with options that best suit their needs. As both a distributor and installer of toilet partitions, our team of Division 10 experts can assist in the entire process of your commercial bathroom project. We are ready to assist you with finding the right product for your project. Contact us today to find out more or to request pricing.





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