commercial doors jacksonville
Commercial doors are an essential part of every construction project. Libraries, distribution centers, office buildings, and hospitals. What is one thing all of these buildings have in common? Commercial doors. Without giving it much thought, we open and close doors everywhere we go. Every commercial building has multiple doors—some buildings may even have dozens or hundreds. Because these specialized doors are an essential part of every construction project, it is important to understand the basics
commercial bathroom accessories
Bathroom accessories are essential Division 10 products that are needed for all commercial bathrooms. When designing a commercial bathroom, the focus is often on the overall layout and toilet partitions. Although these are significant elements of a restroom, the types of fixtures, often referred to as accessories, are just as important. Commercial bathroom accessories are found in every bathroom and are critical to creating a functional and accessible space. With the right blend of style
geofoam installation jacksonville
Geofoam is a sustainable and efficient material gaining popularity in the construction industry. From technology to material innovations, the construction industry is constantly changing and improving. Although it’s been around for decades, there is a construction material that has recently gained popularity due to its sustainability and efficiency. In fact, this material’s rising demand is expected to surpass $1B in the next five years. What is this “modern” construction marvel? Geofoam. What is Geofoam?Geofoam is
bobrick or bradley toilet partitions
Bobrick and Bradley consistently come up as one of our most searched for Division 10 specialty products. There are so many brands to choose from. However, selecting the right specialty brand can make all the difference. To help ensure you are making the best choice for your project, turn to a trusted Division 10 specialties contractor, like Holman Inc. As Jacksonville’s local Division 10 specialties contractor, Holman, Inc. sells and installs Division 10 specialty products
euro style toilet partitions float graphite jacksonville
Euro style toilet partitions offer more privacy than standard American style toilet partitions. When it comes to toilet partitions for commercial bathrooms, there are dozens of selections to be made, from components and configurations to materials and styles. While elements of toilet partitions have changed and evolved over time, there has recently been a shift throughout the United States in the preferred style of the partitions from American style to Euro style toilet partitions. Euro
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