The Vital Role of Adult Changing Tables in Commercial Bathrooms

Imagine navigating through life with a disability or caring for a loved one who requires assistance with everyday tasks. Simple activities like using a restroom can become significant challenges. At Holman, Inc., in addition to supplying and installing standard Division 10 specialty products, we ensure that our range includes accessible products or those that promote accessibility, such as adult changing tables. By offering these innovative solutions, we’re dedicated to ensuring everyone can access public spaces with dignity and ease, regardless of ability.

What are Adult Changing Tables?
These tables are purpose-built platforms designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for caregivers to assist adults with disabilities or mobility limitations. Unlike standard changing stations, adult changing tables are larger and more durable, which makes them capable of supporting greater weight and providing ample space for caregivers to maneuver.

Why are These Tables Needed?
The need for adult changing tables goes beyond convenience; it’s about upholding the principles of dignity, respect, and inclusivity. Imagine the discomfort, challenges, and indignity of relying on makeshift solutions like changing on a restroom floor due to the lack of appropriate facilities. Adult changing tables eliminate these barriers, ensuring that individuals with disabilities can access restroom facilities with the same level of comfort and privacy as everyone else.

Legislation and Changing Trends
Recent legislative initiatives, such as those locally here in Jacksonville, Florida, underscore the growing recognition of the importance of adult changing tables (as well as other accessible features) in public spaces. As communities strive to become more inclusive, legislation is evolving to mandate the inclusion of these products in commercial establishments. This shift reflects a broader societal commitment to accessibility and equal participation for individuals of all abilities.

Our Products
At Holman, Inc., we are committed to providing products that meet the diverse needs of our clients. Regarding adult changing stations, we supply and install two products: the Foundations Premier Stainless Extended Length Changing Station and the KB3000-AHL Adult Changing Station from Koala Kare. These high-quality products are crafted with accessibility, safety, and user-friendliness in mind. Featuring extended length and durability, these stations offer superior comfort and convenience for caregivers and individuals requiring assistance.

In the journey towards creating truly inclusive environments, every step forward counts. By embracing solutions like adult changing tables, businesses can not only comply with regulatory requirements but also demonstrate their dedication to accessibility. At Holman, Inc., we believe in creating spaces that are not only functional but also welcoming and inclusive. If you are ready to prioritize accessibility in your commercial space with Division 10 specialty products, contact us today to see how our team of professionals can help!

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