Division 10 Specialties Products

Division 10 specialties products are critical components of nearly every commercial construction project, from restaurants and stores to hotels and office buildings. While these products do not fall under other standard construction divisions, they are just as important.

Standard Division 10 specialties products include:

  • Toilet Partitions
  • Toilet Accessories
  • Commercial Window Treatments
  • Fire Equipment
  • Chutes
  • Lockers
  • Geofoam
  • Postal Specialties
  • Wire Shelving
  • Wall Protection
  • Flag Polls
  • Signage

Many of these categories are comprised of subcategories. For example, signage includes exterior and interior options, and toilet accessories can consist of dozens of options, including grab bars, toilet seat dispensers, toilet paper dispensers, sanitary napkin dispensers, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, hand sanitizer dispensers, trash receptacles, hand dryers, mirrors, feminine hygiene disposals, baby changing stations, bathroom signage, and shower seats.

Each of these products comes in various materials, sizes, finishes, and brands. Ultimately, the selected product depends on the unique needs of the project and the specifications of the project’s design.

How to Find Division 10 Specialty Products
An experienced Division 10 specialties contractor, like Holman Inc., is a great resource for all your Division 10 needs. With nearly two decades of experience, Holman, Inc. has become a trusted Division 10 specialties contractor throughout the Jacksonville area.

At Holman, Inc., we proudly sell and install a wide array of Division 10 specialties products, including many of the top brands in the industry. To better serve our clients, we offer an extensive product catalog on our website. This catalog features detailed information about each product, brand information, and images.

Have questions? We have answers. Contact our team of experts today for more information about any of our products or to request pricing.

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