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women owned business jacksonville
A woman-owned business, like Holman, Inc., can help you achieve your supplier diversity goals on your next commercial project. In Florida, there are more than one million women-owned businesses operating within the state. Holman, Inc. is proud to be one of them and has recently been ranked by the Jacksonville Business Journal as one of Jacksonville’s top woman-owned businesses—coming in on the list at #16. But what exactly does it mean to be a woman-owned
jacksonville commercial external halyard flag poles
Commercial flagpoles can be customized to meet the unique needs of your business. Did you know that the tallest flagpole in the country is 400 feet tall? The nearly 40-story flagpole is located at ACUITY Insurance’s headquarters in Sheboygan, WI, and supports a 70-by-140-foot long American flag that weighs 250 pounds. From Memorial Day to Flag Day to the Fourth of July, summer is full of flag flying holidays. While your business may not need
safety holman, inc.
Safety is paramount when it comes to choosing a Division 10 specialty contractor. One of the most important weeks of the year is around the corner in the construction industry: Construction Safety Week. Held the first week of May every year, Safety Week is dedicated to inspiring those within our industry to be leaders in safety. At Holman, Inc., safety is one of our core values and at the forefront of everything we do. Well
commercial signage locker room sign jacksonville
Commercial signage is the best way to market your business from the outside and assist visitors on the inside. Each day we encounter dozens, if not hundreds, of signs. From traffic signs telling us which exit is approaching to the infamous golden arches letting us know where we can find a burger and fries, signage is a part of our everyday lives. While signage is used everywhere, commercial signage is vital to businesses. But what
Division 10 Specialties Products
Division 10 specialties products are critical components of nearly every commercial construction project, from restaurants and stores to hotels and office buildings. While these products do not fall under other standard construction divisions, they are just as important. Standard Division 10 specialties products include: Toilet Partitions Toilet Accessories Commercial Window Treatments Fire Equipment Chutes Lockers Geofoam Postal Specialties Wire Shelving Wall Protection Flag Polls Signage Many of these categories are comprised of subcategories. For example,
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