School Lockers

School lockers come in a variety of styles and serve different functions to meet the unique needs of each educational facility.

From providing space for students’ belongings to creating a secure location for cell phones, school lockers are essential pieces of furniture within an educational facility. Whether you are replacing current lockers or need them for a new space, there are several types of lockers from which to choose. As you start to determine which type of locker will work best for your space, you should first consider the locker’s function and your preferred material. 

Types of School Lockers: Function
Lockers serve a variety of purposes within schools. Common types based on their functionality include:

  • Storage Lockers
  • Gym Lockers
  • Bike Lockers
  • Gear/Equipment Lockers
  • Cell Phone Lockers
  • Laptop Lockers

Types of School Lockers: Materials
Commercial lockers used in schools also come in a variety of materials. Here are some of the most common types of materials.

  • Metal lockers are the most traditional type of school locker due to their strength and customization. While reliable, they experience wear and tear over time and can rust and dent.
  • Wood lockers are aesthetically pleasing but are not water resistant like other options.
  • Laminate lockers combine wood and plastic lockers; a plastic laminate exterior covers a wooden interior.
  • Phenolic lockers are strong and durable. They are water resistant, making them well-suited for nearly all types of facilities and environments.
  • Solid plastic lockers, similar to phenolic lockers, are resilient and water resistant. They are easily customized and require low maintenance.

Are you in need of school lockers? Holman, Inc. is ready to help. We have provided Division 10 specialty products, including lockers, to the Jacksonville area for nearly two decades. No matter what your school’s need is, our team of professionals would be glad to walk you through the process to ensure that your lockers best suit your space in functionality and appearance. Contact us today to see how we can help you find the perfect locker solution for your educational facility.

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