If you are looking to install a men’s restroom in your commercial space, it’s likely that you will need to install urinals as well as potentially add urinal partitions. At Holman, Inc., we have been working with commercial restrooms for over 18 years and can guide you to the correct design and layout for your men’s restroom. We have the expertise and knowledge as to what works in a variety of different spaces and configurations.

Some may wonder why install urinals in men’s restrooms when you could easily install the same number of toilets that could be used for all purposes? There are several reasons to install urinals in men’s restrooms, including:

  • Speed –  This might be obvious, but it takes more time to open a bathroom stall/toilet partition and use a traditional toilet than it does to use a urinal. Speed is especially useful in high-traffic restrooms that could accumulate a long line if patrons are not ushered in and out quickly. This can particularly become a problem in restrooms like stadiums and theatres where everyone takes a break at the same intermission by using the restroom. Offering a urinal as an option in the men’s restroom can help reduce and/or eliminate lines.
  • Sanitary – As a result of the fact that urinals do not require you to touch toilet partition door handles, flush handles, or lift toilet seats, it can provide a more sanitary experience for the patron.
  • Space-saving – Typically, urinals are installed close together, which allows the ability to add a lot more into a space than you would if you were just installing traditional toilets/toilet partitions. This too helps with speed as you can accommodate more patrons than a women’s restroom can in the same space.

If you’re still unsure whether or not you should include this in your public restroom space, contact one of our team members. We’d be happy to talk with you to determine whether it is the best option for your specific commercial restroom. Fill out the form on this page or contact us by phone at (904) 781-4531

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