Hand Dryers

Many commercial spaces are aiming to save on paper by using hand dryers instead in public restrooms. We offer a variety of options and finishes to match your space. If you don’t see a style below that you like, reach out to us and we will see what we can do.

There are many benefits to using hand dryers over paper towels. These advantages include:

  • Less mess – It’s no surprise that paper towels can create a mess in trashcans and overflow onto the floor if not maintained.
  • Budget-friendly – Most of us take more paper towels than we actually need and some people might grab a stack to use for later. Each additional unnecessary paper towel per person adds up over time.
  • Less maintenance – With paper towel dispensers, you need to maintain them by making sure they are filled with enough stock and it requires a maintenance person to continually empty the trash.
  • Environmentally friendly – Less paper towels into our landfills means a more friendly environment.

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