Commercial Baby Changing Table

A commercial baby changing table is critical to have in public restrooms or establishments that care for children such as daycares, churches, or schools. It’s also important to have in restaurants, hotels, libraries, or other spaces where young children are present.

  • School baby changing table – Whether you are running a preschool or other type of school, it’s important to ensure that you accommodate those with young babies and toddlers.
  • Daycare baby changing table – This goes without saying, but a daycare that cares for small children cannot do without a convenient changing table.
  • Church baby changing table – Most churches have some sort of nursery or childcare during the service which means that having a dedicated commercial baby changing table is very important to have.
  • Restaurant baby changing table – When owning a restaurant, it’s considerate to make sure that your restroom has its own commercial baby changing table.
  • Hotel baby changing table – Hotel lobbies usually have a public restroom available for patrons. Making sure that you have considerations for families is a great way to accommodate your customers.
  • Library baby changing table – It’s inevitable that young children frequent libraries so you will want to make sure that your restrooms are properly equipped.

Did you know that in 2016 Congress passed the Bathroom Accessible in Every Situation Act (BABIES Act)? This makes it a requirement for baby changing stations to be available in both male and female restrooms located in publicly-accessible federal buildings. If you fall within that category, you will want to ensure that your restrooms are up to standards.

For any of your commercial baby changing table needs, reach out to our team by calling the number at the top of the page or filling out the form on this page. We would love to help you with your project!

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