Fire Equipment

JL Industries fire fire extinguisher cabinet jacksonville

Need fire equipment in the Jacksonville area? We sell a variety of fire equipment and fire extinguisher products including this JL Industries ® Fire Cabinet.

It is becoming quite the standard to have sufficient fire equipment readily available in any space, but more specifically in any kind of commercial building environment. For some commercial buildings, they might just have a fire extinguisher in a regular cabinet. Other buildings will require installing a special fire cabinet like the one you see pictured here. These fire cabinets come with breakable glass to use in case of an emergency.

Fires are one of those things that will always sneak up on you, so being prepared is so important. Many lives have been saved by simply having a fire extinguisher easily available. In fact, NAFED states that “Of the 4,401 fires reported, portable fire extinguishers successfully extinguished 4,216 fires (95%).” This is an incredible number! Make sure you are prepared with the proper fire equipment in your space. It just might save your life and your building from destruction.

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We work with Activar, Amerex, Badger and Larsen’s to provide the best products to our customers.