Commercial Mailboxes

Holman, Inc offers a variety of different kinds of postal and commercial mailboxes for use in Jacksonville commercial spaces. Commercial mailboxes are typically installed at offices, apartment buildings, and sometimes townhome developments. There are so many styles to choose from! Cluster box Units, 4c horizontal mailboxes, aluminum style mailboxes and more.

These commercial mailboxes can be used either indoors or outdoors and can be used in a variety of locations such as:

  • Apartment buildings – It’s quite typical for there to be one central location for mail rather than individual mailboxes next to each apartment door. These mailboxes with a large cluster of sections offer the ability to easily set up a mail station for your apartment residents.
  • Townhomes – Some townhome subdivisions prefer a cluster mailbox rather than individual mailboxes for each home.
  • Assisted Living – Assisted Living centers are also an ideal place to have a cluster mailbox system.
  • Office buildings – Multi-use office buildings find that utilizing a commercial mailbox with multiple sections makes things easier than having to hand deliver mail to each office receptionist inside your commercial office building.

We work with Salsbury Industries