Chutes – Whether you need a trash chute or a laundry chute, we can help. At Holman, Inc, we offer a variety of different chutes. Whether you need a trash chute for your commercial office space, or a laundry chute for your Jacksonville hospital rooms, we can help.

Trash Chutes (also known as garbage chutes) are extremely useful in applications such as high-rise apartment buildings. These trash chutes are usually centrally located in a hallway that is accessible by all residents on a specific floor. These residents can place their trash bags in the trash chute without having to lug their heavy trash bags down a flight of stairs or an elevator. Trash chutes can also be used in office buildings, hotels, or any other type of high-rise building.

There are multiple benefits to utilizing a trash chute system such as:

  • Helps create overall cleaner air.
  • Helps to prevent foul odors by keeping trash bags out of hallways.
  • Helps to ward off pests and insects because trash is all disposed of in one centralized location in the basement rather than sitting around in hallways or in apartments.

Most residents today rank convenient garbage disposal as a high-ranking factor in choosing their apartment so it makes it a must-have for new apartment construction.

Laundry Chutes are not as popular as they were in times past, but can still be useful when installed properly and with appropriate safety precautions followed.

Regardless of what kind of chute you are looking for, Holman, Inc. can help. With over 18 years of experience in the Division 10 industry, they have the knowledge and skill to help with your construction project. Reach out by filling out the form below.

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