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Construction Division 10

Construction Division 10 – What is it? 

Not everyone realizes that there are 16 divisions (or categories) within construction. Construction Division 10 is the primary focus of service for Holman, Inc. Some of the products that fall within this category include:

  • toilet partitions
  • toilet accessories
  • fire extinguishers, lockers
  • mailboxes
  • flag poles
  • wire shelving
  • visual display
  • wall protection

Generally speaking, construction division 10 products are items that are made off-site and taken to a job site to be installed. These services or products are needed for both residential and commercial projects, though Holman, Inc. primarily works within the commercial construction industry.

These construction division 10 products can be found in every type of commercial building, including (but not limited to) schools, offices, stores, restaurants, stadiums, gyms, warehouses, hotels, hospitals, parks, and airports.

One quality that sets us apart from most other construction division 10 companies is the fact that we both sell AND install all of our products. Most companies only sell the products and then you are responsible to install them yourself. 

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About Holman, Inc.

Holman, Inc. has been serving the Northeast Florida area since 2003 with Construction Division 10 products such as toilet partitions, wall protection, lockers, mailboxes, etc. With over 20 years of experience, you can trust that we have the knowledge and capacity to handle your next project. 

Our Vision

We desire to exceed our customer’s expectations by challenging our own limits. We want our clients to expect more from us so we can be the best that we can be for our customers. We will meet these needs with exceptional responsiveness, flexibility, and open communication. We at Holman, Inc. work as a team for every project from the management to the work level to achieve excellence in construction.

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