Benefits of Working with Division 10 Minority-Owned Businesses

Working with minority-owned businesses, including minority-owned division 10 specialties contractors, has many benefits. Read on to learn about the advantages of including minority-owned businesses on your next commercial project team.

In an ever-evolving business landscape, the importance of diversity and inclusion cannot be overstated. At Holman, Inc., we understand the significance of embracing diversity because we are a minority-owned business. As you consider building your next commercial project team, exploring the benefits of working with minority-owned businesses, particularly division 10 specialties contractors, is a strategic move beyond meeting compliance requirements. Here are some of the many advantages of ensuring diverse participation in your construction projects.

Diverse Perspectives and Innovation
Diversity breeds innovation. When you collaborate with minority-owned businesses, you open the door to diverse perspectives and fresh ideas. In the construction industry, where creativity and problem solving are paramount, this diversity can be a game-changer. Imagine a project where the inclusion of varied viewpoints leads to innovative solutions and superior outcomes, such as increased quality or cost and time savings.

Community Impact
Beyond the construction site, there’s a broader impact that your project can have on local communities. Working with minority-owned businesses contributes to economic development, job creation, and skill enhancement. Supporting these entrepreneurs isn’t just good for your project; it’s a positive investment into the communities where we live and work.

Access to a Broader Talent Pool
Building a well-rounded and proficient project team requires access to a diverse range of skills and talents. Minority-owned businesses bring unique expertise to the table, enriching your team with skills that can elevate the quality of your project.

Enhanced Supplier Diversity
A resilient supply chain is a key factor in project success. Partnering with minority-owned businesses contributes to a diversified network of suppliers, enhancing adaptability and access to specialized products. This mitigates risks and creates a more competitive environment, ensuring your project is equipped with the best resources available.

Meeting Diversity and Inclusion Goals
Showcasing a commitment to diversity and inclusion is not just a checkbox—it’s a strategic imperative. Collaborating with minority-owned businesses aligns seamlessly with broader corporate goals, demonstrating a commitment to fostering an inclusive and equitable business environment. While many owners have diversity requirements for their projects, encouraging diverse participation is not just about meeting those requirements; it’s about making a positive impact.

As you build your next commercial project team, consider the advantages of including minority-owned businesses. Embracing diversity isn’t just a choice; it’s a strategic move toward a more successful and inclusive future for your projects and the industry as a whole.

If you are seeking a reliable woman-owned business for your upcoming commercial project, consider partnering with Holman, Inc. As a certified women’s business enterprise (WBE) and a disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE), we bring over two decades of experience as a division 10 specialties contractor in the Jacksonville and North East Florida region. Contact us today to find out how we can not only assist you in achieving your supplier diversity goals but also provide unparalleled quality and exceptional customer service.

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