Wall Protection

At Holman, Inc., we provide wall protection services in the Jacksonville area. Whether you need wall protection for your office, hospital, library, hotel, or other space, we have you covered. With over 18 years of serving the Jacksonville and North Florida area, you can trust us to help you get the perfect commercial protection that you need for your space.

Walls are so much more than the flat surface. Protection for walls consists of corner guards, wall guards, chair rails, rigid wall sheets, wall base and hand rails. These are seen a lot in locations such as hospitals, libraries, doctor’s offices, office buildings, etc. It may also be seen in restaurants, gyms, or any other high-traffic areas.

Designed for use in high-traffic areas that are subject to scratches, wall protection extends the life cycle of walls and reduces maintenance costs from repairs. There is also a vinyl option that adds a Non-porous microbial barrier to your wall that prevents mold, mildew or viral build-up, which is very helpful specifically in doctor offices and hospitals.

We work with INPRO, CS Group, and Koroseal

Contact us using the form on this page for any questions that you might have. Our team of highly experienced project managers and installers would be happy to help you find what you need for your specific space. If you know that you need wall protection, but are not sure how much or what kind you need, we can help you by presenting you with options to choose from that will work best in your space.