At Holman, Inc. we offer geofoam and structural foam services in Jacksonville for use in stadiums, theatres, etc. There are multiple benefits to Geofoam (Expanded Polystyrene) such as:

  • Energy-efficient – Geofoam is sometimes used as insulation and can help reduce heating and air conditioning bills.
  • Lightweight – It is much lighter than its fill counterparts, such as soil.
  • Adapts to extreme conditions – Geofoam has been known to be a better solution for withstanding situations involving earthquakes because the material helps to absorb the impact.
  • Durable – Going hand in hand with the statement above, it has qualities that make it quite durable. This means that it is a great choice when used for construction.

Why should you use our Jacksonville team?

  • Quick and Efficient Install
  • Significantly Decreased Project Schedule
  • Our Install Experience Guarantees the Desired Timeframe
  • National Level Install Experience
  • Responsive and Flexible Scheduling
  • Supportive System Throughout the Entire Install of the Project
  • Guaranteed Quality Control Meeting at Completion of Install

What applications can it be used in?

  • Stadiums – One of the most common uses for geofoam is in sports stadiums. Whether you need to build a football, basketball, soccer, baseball, or any other kind of stadium, we can build it using geofoam.
  • Theatres – Geofoam is a great filler for theatre seating that needs to be staggered in heights.
  • Classrooms – It can also be used in large classrooms where there needs to be various levels of seating. This is especially useful in colleges and universities.

No matter what your geofoam needs are for your construction project, we should be able to help. Reach out to use by filling out the contact form on this page or by giving us a call at the number at the top of the page.

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