Holman, Inc. offers flagpoles and flagpole services in the Jacksonville area. Whether you need a large flag for your school gym, church auditorium, office building, store, car dealership, etc, we can help.

Schools – Many schools will have flagpoles placed out in front of the building or may have them inside as well.

Churches – Some churches also might have flags inside and/or outside of their building.

Office buildings – Depending on the size and structure of the office building, there could be a flagpole outside near the entrance of the building and/or a flag inside the lobby area.

Stores – Some large stores also have flagpoles hanging out front. These flags might be secured to the side of the building.

Car Dealerships – It is very common to find a large flagpole in the lot area of a car dealership. These are very eye-catching and some of the biggest flags you will find.

Our expert flag pole installation team has installed many flag poles all over Jacksonville, FL, including:

  • BMW
  • Kenworth of Jacksonville
  • Fire Station 61
  • Borland Grover
  • Berkman Plaza
  • JTA
  • River City Rehab
  • UNF
  • Penny Farms Retirement Community

There are several choices for flag poles including: external halyard, internal halyard, wall mount and extreme high wind flagpoles.

We work with Concord America  and Eder Flags and American Flag Pole & Flag Co.