Commercial Bathroom Installers

Commercial bathroom installers – how do you find them and what do they do?

There are essentially two types of companies that would be considered commercial bathroom installers:

  1. Commercial construction companies
  2. Division 10 companies

When searching online for your commercial bathroom needs, you can use one of the two search phrases above to look for your commercial bathroom installers. However, you may be wondering what the difference is between the two. Let us help explain below:


  1. Commercial construction companies – These companies are prepared to take on almost any size commercial construction project, whether that be a high-rise office building or a small local cookie shop. They come with a lot of overhead because they typically have full-time employees, part-time employees, and a whole team of subcontractors. Their expertise is in the fact that they can manage multiple aspects of a larger project. So if your commercial restroom project is part of a much larger construction project then it might be best to first search for a commercial construction company.
  2. Division 10 companies – Most Division 10 companies simply sell commercial bathroom supplies to commercial construction companies. However, there are some (like Holman, Inc.), who sell AND install their bathroom equipment. They would be considered “commercial bathroom installers”. While Holman, Inc. also staffs employees, it’s usually on a smaller scale than a commercial construction company would. The benefit of going with Holman, Inc. is that you get a company that specializes in commercial restrooms and can sometimes be less costly if all your project requires is  commercial bathroom installers.

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