Ambulatory Stalls: What Are They?

Ambulatory stalls help ensure accessibility in commercial buildings and create inclusive and welcoming spaces for all abilities.

Creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also inclusive has become a top priority in commercial buildings. One essential aspect of inclusivity is accessibility. From ramps and curb cuts to automatic doors and wider door frames, there are many ways you can make your building more accessible. But is there a way to increase accessibility when it comes to toilet partitions? Yes, there is. At Holman, Inc., we think one of the best solutions to bathroom accessibility is ambulatory stalls.

What are they?
Ambulatory stalls are more than just an architectural consideration; they are a thoughtful response to the diverse needs of restroom users. These specialized compartments cater to individuals who are ambulatory (able to walk) but may still need extra space or support.

User-Friendly Features
The primary function of these stalls is to provide users with the extra space needed to navigate the restroom comfortably. This is particularly crucial for individuals who rely on mobility aids such as walkers or crutches. Equipped with strategically placed grab bars, ambulatory stalls enhance safety and accessibility. These particular stalls also include wider doors to facilitate easier entry and exit and spacious layouts that allow for comfortable maneuvering.

ADA Bathroom Requirements
Beyond being a thoughtful addition, ambulatory stalls are a regulatory necessity. To be ADA-compliant, restrooms with six or more stalls and urinals require ambulatory stalls. These stalls must be 60 inches deep and 35-37 inches wide, with the toilets located at the back of the stall with the centerline 17-19 inches from the sidewall or partition. These stalls should also include grab bars on both sides of the toilet and doors that do not swing into the minimum clearance area.

Does your Commercial Bathroom Need Ambulatory Stalls?
Including these much-needed stalls in restroom designs is advantageous for commercial building owners. Beyond meeting regulatory requirements, these stalls broaden the potential user base for commercial spaces. By ensuring that restrooms are designed and built with the needs of all users in mind, ambulatory stalls contribute to an environment where no one feels excluded or inconvenienced.

If you require ambulatory stalls for your commercial bathroom, Holman, Inc. has you covered. We bring decades of expertise in providing and installing Division 10 products, including bathroom stalls, and can ensure your bathroom is modern, visually appealing, and ADA-compliant. Contact our team today to learn how we can assist with your next commercial bathroom project.

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